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Human Design NZ is spreading it’s wings.  You can find our new website here:  Here you can find all the most up-to-date insights into Human Design.

From the first moment I found Human Design I was hooked.  Even though I was already expert in many profiling tools, working with these professionally, Human Design offered me a profound depth and accuracy that I’d not found elsewhere.  It’s a tool for awakening to the potential of the real you.

Christine Spicer – Certified Analyst, Coach, Teacher of Human Design

Life Renews

There’s something authentic inside you that most urgently deserves to be expressed in the world.  When you connect with all that is truly you and let go of what you are not, life renews.

Your Map to Authenticity

You have a personalised map called a BodyGraph.  A Human Design Foundation Reading decodes and synthesises the main structure of this map, giving you access to the ‘operating instructions’ for your life that you always wished you had.

Knowing your map can bring enormous relief, a huge sense of freedom, permission and sometimes grief for all the unnecessary pain caused by not knowing how to operate as your true self.  It’s ultimately empowering because if tells you specifically how and where to access your inner truth.

Decision by decision you’ve built your life, yet like most people you can be pulled between head, heart, emotion and intuition, practicalities vs higher callings. Human Design hands you your key so you can access the ultimate truth inside you.

Inner Truth from Body Wisdom

There are 7 different places that your inner truth could come from.

Have you wondered which one is yours?  View More

What is it and why use it?

Human Design is a synthesis of modern science (quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics, and ancient wisdoms (I ching, chakras, astrology and the Tree of Life)

After many years working in Human Resources as a Manager of Organisational Development, exploring a range of psychometric profiling and assessment tools, Human Design still remains the most accurate, practical and powerful tool I have found. Click here for more insight on some of the benefits of using Human Design. Only from Spirited Leadership®

In New Zealand, Human Design Analysis is unique to Spirited Leadership®. Having completed a 4 year training, examination and certification process, I am the first New Zealander to become an internationally registered Human Design Analyst and later a Teacher – (IHDS Certified).

Using this Analysis tool as part of personal and/or Leadership development provides insights into ourselves and others that could otherwise take years to uncover. It forms a powerful base for authentic personal and leadership development.

In sharing your Human Design with you I can help work with your energy and gifts rather than against them. Human Design helps you access your authentic life and leadership. It taps into and builds your Holistic Intelligence.

Human Design Services 

For Workshops, Retreats and Online Groups  Click on the Human Design tab at the top of this page 

Live as you are designed (Foundation Analysis) – $175 plus GST Human Design Analysis of your chart, tailored information pack, a one hour consultation and recording –  face to face in Auckland or on Skype.

Other readings –  include, Relationship Readings, Turning Point Readings and more.

Overview Reading – Includes Chart and 20 minute  remote reading recorded and sent to you on an MP3 – $90.00 plus GST

Ongoing coaching and mentoring is available to support you in bringing increasing authenticity to your life and work using your Human Design as a supportive road map for this journey.  Contact Christine for more on my approach and pricing.

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We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings,1894-1962, American Poet

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