Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom

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Body wisdom comes from your ‘inner authority*’- all those physical messages that seem to come from nowhere, yet provide us with incredible wisdom if we listen:

  • Some people listen to their ‘gut’
  • Some listen to their ‘intuitive knowing’
  • Some their emotions
  • Some their heart or will
  • Some have a unique flow of knowing that unfolds over time (2%)

* 98% of people have inner authority yet many people ignore it.  “I knew that was going to happen!  I knew that didn’t feel right.  I wish I had listened to myself!

Human Design Analysis locates your inate wisdom and tells you how to use it. It is a wonderful resource for anyone at all…. and even more so if you are leading others. It can support you in living and or leading in a way that is healthy, satisfying, successful, peaceful and/or surprising for you.

Four types - Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector

Curious?  Open minded? Which type  are you? Where does your inner authority reside? How can you use this to navigate your life?  Click here to contact Christine and find out more.