Living Your Design Retreat

Living Your Design Retreat –  July 7, 8, 9 – 2017

Mandela Human DesignAn Awakening….

Human Design NZ is spreading its wings.  You can hear more about this workshop here:

Did you know your authentic SELF already exists You don’t have to find it or become it, you just have to take away what you’re not.  Full empowerment comes from knowing who you are and how to navigate life as yourSELF.  This three day Human Design workshop helps you see who you truly are and supports you in discovering what gets in the way of being your authentic, true self.

This workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone who has had a full Foundation Reading, this workshop gives you the most important experiential aspects of Human Design.

Together, over three days –  we’ll move into the simple mechanics of who you are.  In your reading you’re given a lot of insight into yourself.  This workshop helps you go further into these mechanics. Would you like to:

  • understand why your strategy and authority are so important?
  • experience the effect your  energy system and aura has on others and what effect their aura has on you?
  • experience each of the nine centres in your bodygraph whether they be open or defined
  • gain insight into old patterns of behavior/conditioning that keep you from living the life you were born to live?
  • see the potential of your design?

This is a wonderful opportunity to look at your own chart and the charts of those closest to you, seeing yourself and your relationships with new eyes. Human Design offers a cellular transformation that begins when you start experimenting with your Strategy and Authority, your SELF and NOT SELF.  In this live environment, you’ll experience in your body what you are learning about yourself.

Are you a Manifesting/Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector?  Would you like to learn more about living as your type?

Our venue is the very special Sharda Centre is located in Tuakau 40 mins south of Auckland.  

Dates –  Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9 July, 2017   Let me know if you are interested  then secure your place by payment of your registration fee at ASB 12 3077 0016565 00.  Spread payments available if required.

Foundation Price –  $740.00 for 3 days Facilitation, 2 nights accommodation shared twin, Catering (Mainly vegetarian with gluten and dairy free options available on request), Venue and Materials. Ten Foundation Places are available for the first 10 people to pay a deposit. Secure this foundation price with a non refundable $200 registration fee.   Please pay your remaining balance by  Fri 2 June 2017.

Full Price once the 10 Foundation Places have been taken –  $840.00 for 3 days Facilitation, 2 nights accommodation shared twin,  Catering – (mainly vegetarian with gluten and dairy free options on request), Venue and Materials.  Secure you place with a non refundable $200 registration fee.  Places are limited. Please pay your balance by  Friday 2 June, 2017.

LYD Retreat Payments only here – ASB 12 3077 0016565 00

Limited Budget?– If you are on a limited budget there are some options to help.  You can choose a slightly cheaper *accommodation option. Prices above are based on a twin share room price.  Camping or motorhome options below reduce the price slightly. If you would like to spread your payments this is also an option.  Please let me know.

*Accommodation Options –  Sharda Centre Accommodation included in the Retreat Price is as follows – $35 per night shared room – bring your own sleeping bag or top sheet and duvet. If you would like to reduce the overall Retreat price or ensure aura free sleep, options are as follows:  $20 per person per night your own motorhome, $15 per  person per night camping or unplugged motorhome. Adjust the overall price accordingly.

If you would like to stay extra nights please let us know at and pay these extra nights only directly to the Sharda Centre bank account ANZ Bank 06-0469-0048589-00– The Sharda Trust.

Arrive from 8:30 am for a 9am start.  Finished by 5pm on Sunday.

LYD is the first step in official training in the Human Design System and is being facilitated by Christine Spicer – New Zealand’s first IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst, Living Your Design Guide and qualified Human Design Teacher.  Christine is also an experienced professional coach and facilitator.


  • A Foundation Reading – If you have had a Human Design Reading with Christine you’ve done this already
  • If you have only had a mini reading at Prana or Luminate then you’ve only had a taste and you’ll need a full reading

You may like to read more before you come?

  • The Living Your Design  course manual is available on line from USA*. Would you like to borrow a copy instead? If so, let me know very soon. You can choose to read it before or after the course.  This is a fantastic resource covering the basics of Human Design.
  • Ideally print out the charts of your family and friends while reading this book so you can attach the knowledge to lived experience of people close to you. (Only if you feel drawn to this!)
  • You can generate charts for family and friends by downloading the  free Maia Meachanics software for PC, or downloading the free jovian mobile app to your phone or ipad   or by entering charts in the Newcomers Centre.  This is all available for free from the site

Living Your Design, by Lynda Stone/Bunnell is $49.95 USD plus shipping

Let me know if you are considering attending or have decided to attend.  Places are limited.

Contact Christine 021 630 274

Learn to love who you are and let go of who you are not!