Christine Spicer

Christine Spicer

Christine-Dec-20160245_2700x2700-CircleThe essence of my style was summed up by two long-term clients who said:

“I come to these (coaching and mentoring) sessions confused and leave clear” …and…  “You have an uncanny way of zeroing in on the heart of an issue even when the facts/information around it are quite ambiguous. You pick up on a range of cues, tangible and intangible. You provide a range of tools, resources and approaches, so I have the comfort that you are broadly knowledgeable – not just bringing one aspect”

I have 19 years hands-on experience as a Senior Executive building a business that I co-owned for 7 of those years. I have held a range of roles including National Training and Quality Manager, Commercial Manager and Manager – Organizational Development. This practical experience brings much to my leadership development of others, as I know first hand what it is to own and manage a business through a range of market conditions. I have also designed, developed and implemented long term leadership development programmes in a business-to-business sales environment. My skills are founded on both the rigor of theory and the hands-on experience of implementation, business reality and possibilities.

I am a professional Coach Mentor and Registered Human Design Analyst with a Diploma in Training and Development and a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Working with a balance of  practicality, challenge and compassion, I am skilled in helping people see wider contexts and find meaning. I hold hope, potential and possibility, while my clients grow within their current circumstances and past both personal and external barriers. In all this I bring clarity of insight to others through my depth of reflection and courage to share what I see. Over time my clients increasingly access their own wisdom accelerating their development from within.

I am passionate about helping people tap into who they authentically are, so they can increasingly lead as themselves. As a  Registered Human Design Analyst, I specialize in helping my clients locate and listen to their inner body wisdom; innate intelligence which allows them to recognise their difference and access what makes them outstanding.

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