Louise Marra

Louise Marra

Louise Marra

Helping connect you to your own wisdom and resilience is essential both in coaching and in leadership. I combine my leadership ability with my coaching and mentoring skills, bringing them together to help you build a strong foundation in your life and organisation.

I have had senior leadership roles in three sectors – government, non-profit and private sector specializing in collaboration, innovative thinking and strategy development. I have combined a rewarding leadership career with executive coaching and teaching and facilitating the leadership programmes including the society-changing Leadership New Zealand programme.

My roles have ranged from: chairing a non-profit board, working as an advisor to the Prime Minister within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to leading major cross-government strategic initiatives.

I have been in senior leadership roles for more than 20 years and a professional coach and mentor for the past twelve years. I have a strong belief in the potential leader within everyone and a strong passion and skill at helping develop leaders with heart, soul and effectiveness.

I find my work immensely rewarding, approaching it with a strong theoretical and philosophical, as well as a practical approach. I draw on and use a number of different tools for coaching and leadership development, from the fields of transpersonal psychology, the arts, strategic leadership literature and experience and neuropsychology.

I bring a sense of what is possible, and extend thinking of possibilities for others, helping draw out your inherent abilities that often lie untapped, and help create frameworks that you can better operate within.

Working as a leader means I have worked and understand the immense pressures on senior leaders to achieve outcomes. I like to help people see their life symbolically, to be able to identify their life patterns, gain a far bigger perspective and develop their ability to observe themselves with compassion and grow.

My style is open, I like a lightness of being, and a valuing of wisdom that each organisation and individual has, that can be brought to light and used in a more effective way.

My goal for my life is to shift consciousness, so that people can be effective in their lives with conscious relationships, thinking, creativity and play.

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