Nicola Campbell

Nicola Campbell


I am an executive coach and mentor and since 1988 I have specialised in leadership development and transformation in the business and health communities. Together with my colleagues I have established a strong presence and expertise in putting together and facilitating Leadership Development Programmes that embed coaching cultures as the vehicle for integrated and accelerated results.

As an Executive Coach I inspire intentional change through my ability to – with warmth and humour – question your attitudes, “hit the nail on the head” and get you to see and understand how your leadership and communication affects others. I believe that when you have awareness you have choices, when you have choices you can intentionally make the necessary changes to help move yourself and your business forward successfully.

By listening to and understanding the challenges you face in your day-to-day life, it is possible to suggest alternative perspectives.  It is my belief that most people know how to make their working lives better, but they lack the time and the distance to facilitate change.  My approach gives you the clarity you need to not only improve your own performance but also help to create a healthier performance culture in your workplace.

Too often people in businesses and organisations feel as though difficulties are insurmountable.  This is rarely true.  I see people thrive when they are given the time and guidance to examine their personal and professional relationships.  The reward for this time taken is an organic improvement in leadership both of self, others and their business.

Underpinning my approach is the notion that growth and development intrinsically want to happen.  Most people would rather shine at work and life than be dulled by it.  I encourage you to be informed by all aspects of life and self: body, spirit, mind, emotions and your environment. All learning is integrated in a practical way to increase effectiveness and resilience.

When you experience your work as a place where your greatest capacities are recognised and employed, you breathe life into your career, your leadership, and your world.

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