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IMG_0015Tailor Made Leadership Development Programmes – developing your people, team and organisational potential  View More >

Smart and Soul Leadership Programmes View More 

Breakthrough Peer Coaching – join a group of peers. Learn to coach and mentor each other  gaining insight,  support and challenge – 2 hours each month. View More >

Individual Coaching and Mentoring Service – tailored, one-on-one coaching and mentoring for mid, senior and executive leaders and managers with an experienced coach. View More >

Senior Executive Coaching and Mentoring Groups – An invitation to CEO’s, GM’s, Principals, Board Members and other individuals and teams in senior leadership roles. Join us on the spirited leadership journey inspiring and motivating people to realise their full potential.View More >

Human Design Analysis, Coaching & Courses – have you ever wanted a map to ease your journey towards your authentic self?  An initial one hour consultation can illuminate your journey. View More >

New Frontiers – an advanced transformational course with personal & interpersonal learning at the core of leadership development. View More>

Professional (Peer) Supervision – are you working as a professional coach and need supervision?  Contact Us> for more information