Breakthrough Peer Coaching Groups

Breakthrough Peer Coaching Groups

Spirited Leadership Breakthrough Peer Coaching Groups are designed to bring together people who are wanting effective processes for thinking and transforming  old ways into new patterns of action.

New research in neuroscience is asserting the deeply social nature of the brain and the value of skilled peer learning and development for bringing about insight, breaking down bias and  developing new life sustaining systems and practices.

This group is ideal if you want to:South Island Explorings-170

  • Develop your leadership potential
  • Lead processes for change
  • Get other opinions and perspectives
  • Apply the latest brain research and peer learning tools inside your organisation
  • Be part of a supportive, skilled and challenging peer group

Peer coaching groups are both fruitful and enjoyable with learning happening on many levels.  A supportive and safe environment is created to explore a whole range of issues in a meaningful way. You’ll work with your own challenges, blind spots and strengths. Over a period of time this process will help you connect with your own deep wisdom and authenticity so that your human and leadership journeys remain connected.

A strong component of our approach is action learning. You bring challenges and take away action which you are accountable for to your peers. Our approach is highly experiential, drawing on a range of proven and current models and thinking. You’ll apply your learning to opportunities and challenges within your current role, bringing these explorations back to the group.


The learning group programme will incorporate six facilitated peer coaching sessions, each for two and half hours every six weeks over a period of 9 months

How to sign up?

The application process for becoming part of the Breakthrough Coaching Group is simple.

If you apply with your team or a group of peers we will meet with you to identify your particular goals and decide on timing, venue and group protocol.

If you apply as an individual we will create a group with two to four other applicants.

We will then:

  • Work with you, and others to assess the best timing for the group sessions;
  • Set up a full year calendar of dates;
  • Start with an introductory session, which will outline how the group will operate, agree protocols and get started!

Optional components e.g. annual day, shadow session etc, can be negotiated regarding need, timing, cost etc. A great outcome from the programme would be if the group decides to continue once the six sessions have been completed.

Your investment?

The group is limited to 3 to 6 participants. It is envisaged to hold six 2.5hr sessions at a total participant cost per annum of:

$1875 (per person in a group of three)
$1406 (per person in a group of four )
$1125 (per person in a group of five )
$937 (per person in a group of six)

Programme Leaders

Louise Marra
Nicola Campbell
Christine Spicer
Anouk Graav

Or Contact us for your application form.