Coaching and Mentoring Service

Coaching and Mentoring Service

The more senior you are in leadership, the more potential there is to become increasingly isolated and the less likely you are to get feedback. How then can you develop your leadership beyond your natural talents?

We provide professional coaching and mentoring support for Senior Leaders in all sectors including government, health, community, corporate and business.

Coaching and Mentoring Aims

Coaching and mentoring aims to support you by:                                       

  • Deepening essential qualities and skills required for excellent leadership
  • Increasing effectiveness in personal relationships
  • Increasing self awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Increasing opportunities for feedback and reducing isolation
  • Developing effective leadership and management strategies
  • Helping you focus on the important as well as the urgent
  • Helping increase your personal resilience and wellbeing

How it works

We ask clients to initially commit to four or five sessions including a review. This will capture learnings and assess next steps in development, whether they be coaching and mentoring and/or something else. Sessions take place every 3-4 weeks lasting for one hour (longer if required on specific issues). They can be face to face or we can use other media such as skype etc. These coaching and mentoring sessions form the basis for development. During this time, a further support programme can be put in place if required. This can include features such as:

  • Feedback from staff, peers, managers and stakeholders
  • Shadowing you in your workplace
  • Work with the leader’s teams and boards

First Steps

You can contact Louise, Nicola, Christine or Anouk directly.