Tailor Made Leadership Development Programmes

Tailor Made Leadership Development Programmes

We tailor-make all our programmes to your needs. All of our services have something in common – all nurture Coaching Cultures. One of the ways that we lead inspired development is to build aspects of  creating coaching cultures into every service we offer.

The following components are often included in our programmes and all support a shift towards more conscious leadership that builds a Coaching Culture:


  • Collaborative inspired leadership – moving from management and technical expertise to inspired leadership
  • Coaching & mentoring – how to develop your people, inspire, motivate and challenge one-on-one
  • Facilitating teams and groups – how to build, engage and motivate teams and groups
  • Building resilience – how to build adaptable, healthy performance cultures
  • Facilitating meetings & events – practical techniques and strategies to strengthen communication and outcomes
  • Presentation with presence & confidence
  • Strategic visioning and direction
  • Peer learning – ongoing learning and practice models for small peer groups
  • Excellence in relationship skills

How we work with you:

From the very beginning we create collaborative and effective relationships with the key sponsor(s) in the organisation. We welcome ongoing open and frank dialogue and feedback, and aim to model direct communication and effective leadership skills. Our leadership development will actively contribute to the long-term health, performance and success of your business. We know this to be true due to our long track record in this field. We do this by finding out about your unique business, organisational culture, vision and strategic goals, and your specific developmental needs.

Some examples are:

Since early 2008 we have been working in close partnership with a NZ owned, service industry SME. We have tailor-made a three tier Leadership Development Programme including a pilot programme for the Senior Management Team and a Leadership Foundation Programme to 40 staff from the top layers of the organisation. In late 2009 we began the delivery of an Advanced Leadership Programme for 12 selected leaders and are also tailoring development for the Board and Senior Leaders. Overall our brief is to build a more empowered and innovative workplace culture via more inspired, networked leadership throughout the organisation. The development of a Coaching Culture is a key vehicle for change in this project.

Since 2005 we have been partnering a large public sector health provider to develop leadership capacity in senior leaders. Our purpose is to grow a more effective, enabling and empowering work culture. We have so far worked with over 150 leaders through group training, peer supervision and one on one coaching. Via the development of a Coaching Culture we are now celebrating passing a cultural tipping point and seeing changes in leadership style –from a directive, ‘do as you are told’ style, to a more collaborative approach. There have been significant changes in awareness and attitudes – from negative and reactive to being proactive and taking responsibility – developing feedback skills – realising the importance of mindfulness.

Since 2011 we continue to work yearly with cohorts of around 30 senior leaders from all over NZ leading each group through a year long programme. As part of our approach we grow a coaching culture at a peer level, enabling participants to take this back to their organisations.